Incredible Stories is a unit of work written for stage five of the 2012 NSW State Syllabus for English, with the embedded objectives of the Australian National Curriculum. The activities can be used and altered to meet the objectives of other state curriculum.

The unifying theme of this unit is telling stories.  It  has a particular focus on;  how different textual forms shape meaning,  developing voice in creative writing and sustainable communities.   The core text for this unit is The Incredible Here and Now  (Giramondo,  2013).  The unit contains four main sections: 

What is a story? 

Students take a close look at what a story is and why  storytelling is an important vehicle for intercultural understanding and building sustainable communities.  The students are encouraged to evaluate and express their own stories.  The focus of this section is on speaking and listening tasks. 

Michael's Story

Students complete a close study of the text The Incredible Here and Now (Giramondo,  2013)  focussing on the main character Michael.  Students engage in comprehension,  critical literacy and visual representation tasks.  The focus of this section is learning to identify and analyse literary techniques.

Community Stories

Students compare and contrast the community stories told in The Incredible Here and Now  with the community stories told in the web documentary 'Welcome to Pine Point'.  The focus of this section is comparing how meaning is shaped by different textual forms.

Your Story

Students reflect on what they have learned about the vignette form  through their study  of The Incredible Here and Now and build on their creative writing skills. The focus of this section is on developing creative writing skills such as  the framing of a narrative through the voice of the central character and the use of imagery in written expression.